Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent Collection Homme Automne/Hiver 2008-2009

Yves Saint Laurent Collection Homme Automne/Hiver 2008-2009
Vidéo envoyée par yvessaintlaurent

Pour la première fois depuis son arrivée chez Saint Laurent comme directeur artistique en 2004, Stefano Pilati n'a pas présenté sa collection dans un défilé mais sur cintres en showroom et dans une vidéo avec le comédien britannique Simon Woods.
La collection est superbe avec de beaux costumes.
Si Gaultier nous a plongé dans l’univers des dandys à l’élégance britanniques, YSL préfère le London arty des sixties voire seventies.
Vous en pensez quoi de cette collection? ;-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sunday, December 23, 2007


a classical christmas tree.....

signed Chanel, of course ;-)

urbandandy en français

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dandy’s bag

Last month you liked this column when I opened my bag. Today, we can discover Alexandre's bag who lives in Paris. He can’t live without:
- his CD
- his cream Kiehls
- his passport
- his sunglasses

And you, what do you have in your bag?;-)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yves Saint Laurent

At the beginning of the month the famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent received the Legion of Honour as Grand Officer's from the President of the Republic hands . " You made the fashion for forty years, but you especially built an artistic work", said Nicolas Sarkozy.
Yves Saint Laurent began with Christian Dior to launch his eponymic house in 1961 with the businessman Pierre Bergé . He left fashion in 2002 with a major fashion show retrospective at the Beaubourg Museum in Paris.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dandy of the week

This week, I decided to create a new column presenting contemporary dandies.
To inaugurate this column, Johann, 21 year old, studying business in France, and at Central St Martins - the British famous school of design - who shares his time between Rouen, London and the most beautiful city of the world, Paris. ;-)

Could you introduce yourself?
Polymorphic but coherent, a miracle-worker but human, polite but crude, curious but serious, decadent but smart, passionate but reconciling, so simple but so sophisticated! A living paradox, that’s what I am.

Who are your favourite designers?
Gaultier because he is more than a talented designer, he is also a marketing genius. Galliano because it is obvious. Lagerfeld because elegance has a name, and its name is Karl.

Where could we meet you in Paris?
Everywhere in Paris! With a slight preference for the 6 first districts…
At night, you might see me at the Cab, the VIP, the Pershing Hall, in the Costes restaurants & bars, and in small French typical restaurants full of charm.

What is the ‘dandy attitude’ according to you?
Great clothing, culture, elegance and above all sobriety! One can be himself, have strong personality, but nobility is the daughter of humility. If you are elegant, you should not have to prove it, it has to be evident and natural.

What do you think of our dandy of the week? ;-)
Do you know contemporary dandies? Don't hesitate to send there pictures to urbandandy at